Survivors of Violence

This page is dedicated to survivors of domestic and other forms of violence.We will continue to add encouraging words, videos and other resources  as soon as possible.
 If you need support for an abusive relationship please go to
for a list of Oregon State Domestic Violence Resources.

Local Domestic Violence Services

YWCA Yolanda House

Clackamas Wome n's Services

Speaking Out on Sibling Sexual Abuse

   A poem from a friend of Teras

   If I could accept the help of others:

   I could see how I came to be here.

   I could see I'm not the only one who feels alone.

   I could see the difference between what's real and what's not .

   I could see why I hurt and how I can heal.

   And, I could know that I matter.

  That my past doesn't define me.

  That I can change and grow beyond the things that once held me back.

                                                                                                Summer Hawk- 2005