Absence  Request
Scheduled Absence Request Instructions:
IF REQUIRED TO DOCUMENT CONTINUOUS ABSTINENCE FOR DIVERSION: You will need to submit to a drug screening a maximum of 24 hrs prior to your leave date and within 24 hours of the returning date. Failure to do so will disqualify you from receiving the continuous documentation approval upon completion of the program.* 
Complete this form two weeks prior to your first scheduled absence. It is your responsibility to make sure the absence was approved before you leave. Failure to comply may result in consequences with the referral source or noncompliance with the diversion program. All requests will be approved on a case by case basis subject to the approval of your group facilitator, referral source and your status in the program. You will receive an email with the status of your request as approved with conditions or denied. If you do not receive an email within five working days of completing this form please contact your counselor or call the clinic to verify we have received it. 
Completion of substance abuse treatment is always contingent upon completion of treatment plan objectives and not time limited.