Payment Policy

Teras Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling Services Pricing
Our Mission applied to our fee structure:
Teras seeks to provide affordable, accessible, quality services to everyone- no matter what their financial
situation. We believe that while our base price is affordable for most clients, sometimes financial barriers
can make even our affordable fees difficult to pay so we have offered some incentives and alternatives to
the standard fee payments. (See below)
                                                     FULL FEE PRICING
Alcohol and other Drug Assessment: $125.00 (includes Drug Screen and For DUII the Etg test)
The assessment process provides an accurate diagnosis along with recommendations for follow-up and
levels of care. Recommendations may include different levels of addiction treatment or referrals to physical
and mental health practitioners, or other helping professionals.
Group Counseling: DUII/A&D/DV Perpetrator =$40 per 60-90 minutes group session
Provides clients support in a group setting assisting with sobriety maintenance. Focus is on cognitive or
behavioral approaches that address triggers and relapse prevention, self evaluation ,process of recovery and
issues pertaining to changes in lifestyle. 12-step facilitation, spiritually based, and culturally specific
approaches are available upon request.
Individual Counseling: =$50 per 50 minute "hour"
This service provides one on one treatment planning, goal assessment, development and progress
monitoring on an as needed basis or as listed in the client’s initial treatment plan. DUII clients will pay this
one time at their exit session as well as the treatment plan review or other as needed sessio􀄀 􇘁􉀀
DRUG TESTING (no reduction in fees available for drug screening)
7 Panel drug screen =$15.00 these are typically given at random at least once per month depending on level
of service. Etg Alcohol Test =$25.00 is also administered at least once per month for certain progra􀄀 􇔁􉀃􅠀
                                            REDUCED FEE PRICE OPTIONS
The following reduced fee incentives apply to Alcohol and Drug Treatment Groups and Domestic Violence
Perpetrator Groups only. Incentives for paying ahead;
#1 Payment of one month of fees in advance; = *12.5% reduction in group fees.
# 2 Payment of two months or more in advance; =*25% reduction in group fees.
*Payment incentives do not apply to drug screening services or groups below the $40 amount.
Group sessions at Option #1 = $35 per group or Option #2 = $30 per group
 Teras Fee Structure updated on 12/29/2010 by Phil Broyles Executive Director- no other staff may offer different costs for these
services without the approval of the Executive Director.
Assessment for Marijuana Motivation Group: $50.00
This is for a marijuana specific intake and assessment and is not intended to assess other drugs, diagnose for
level of treatment placement or for DUII treatment services. Does not include urinalysis services
Marijuana Motivation Group =$20 per group session
This is a twelve to fifteen week evidence based curriculum group for marijuana users who are mandated or
self referred who are curious about looking at the amount of their marijuana use. This group is for clients
who are not going through the DUII program. Clients complete assessment instruments comparing their use
to the general population, assess pros and cons, ability to stop if they choose to and a long term use/plan.
This group is ideal for those medical marijuana using clients who are at risk for abusing the drug.
Anger Education Groups= $20.00 per group session
Didactic counselor facilitated groups identifying anger triggering situations, internal emotional states and
strategies for communicating, diffusing or redirecting the emotion commonly referred to as anger. Utilizes
an evidence based curriculum program for anger and substance abuse treatment.
Case Management= $40 per hour (typically takes only ½ hr. and is sometimes done in an individual session
for free) Case management of patients needing services relating to alcohol or drug abuse/dependence,
provides assistance and care coordination based on the needs of the individual.
Multiple Family Group Counseling= $40 per session, discounts for five or more family representatives
Group sessions assisting more than one family for education and consultation regarding alcohol and other
drug dependence and family roles in recovery.
Single Family Session=$120.00 per session (price negotiable based on family income level and referral
source)A onetime education service provided to a clients’ family in the home or at the clinic. Family sessions
include educating family members how to assist their loved one while maintaining healthy boundaries that
support positive treatment outcomes with the least impact on non substance dependent family members.
Domestic Violence Intervention Groups for Perpetrators General Intake =$125
This is a state guideline approved program consisting of 48 consecutive weeks and three months of
additional bi-monthly follow up sessions. Clients are encouraged to evaluate their behavior in the context of
relationships, challenge any beliefs that support violence, be accountable for all violence past and present.

Phil Broyles,
Jul 6, 2011, 11:14 PM