Teras outpatient alcohol and other drug treatment is one of the lowest priced programs for DUII/Diversion and outpatient treatment in this area. Self paying clients can receive discounts for cash and advanced payments. We also have a contract from the state providing financial aid for people who make too much money to get OHP but not enough to pay for DUII services. 

*Medicaid/Oregon Health Plan is now paying for all costs of chemical dependency treatment-including DUII services! 

We accept the following Oregon Health Plan Coordinated Care Organization(Medicaid) and OHP Open Card/DMAP!  



AS A COURTESY TO YOU PRIVATE INSURANCE PLANS CAN BE BILLED FOR PART OR ALL OF THE COST OF TREATMENT but there is no guarantee your plan will pay for our services. You are responsible for knowing how much an out of network provider will be covered by your plan. 

Before deciding to use your private insurance coverage please read our statement about private insurance

*ABOUT OREGON HEALTH PLANS: We are currently accepting all members of HealthShare and Open Card  OHP. If your OHP is from Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas County then you

 have HealthShare.

Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Coordinated Care Organizations outside the Portland area (aka:CCO's) may not pay for treatment at our agency.

Contact your local CCO for information on how to transfer your OHP to the Portland area CCO if you are moving here from another Oregon CCO jurisdiction. 

*Insurance will only pay  for covered services. Teras staff will notify anyone of services not covered by Medicaid/OHP before charging for the services. Uncovered services are not part of a typical DUII Diversion program. 

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