Domestic Violence Program Pricing

Full Pricing of Primary DV Program Services
The following prices are for clients who do not require any special accommodations for their work schedule and have an income under $100,000.00. 

Domestic Violence Education Groups are never more than $40 each.  

Self referred individuals with no reporting requirements pay only $5.00  per group and $50 for the initial intake and DVI report. 

The following discounted pricing options are available:

-If you can pay ***in advance for one month drops the group price 12 ½ %  to $35 each                                  at least 8 to 19 weeks - groups are 25% off for $30 each.           

20-48 weeks in advance and receive almost 35% off for $25 each!


The following example is for someone who is usually a "first time" offender, able to abstain from the use of alcohol and other drugs, does not engage in abusive behavior while in the program and actively participates in a routine of self motivated behavior and belief change. We arrived at this price using the minimum requirements and the largest discount amount we have to offer.

- Intake and DVI Pre test including baseline drug screen =$125

 - A …minimum of *48 groups @ 25.00 each = $1200.00 

       - Five individual sessions at 50.00 each = $250

          - DVI Post test, individual session and exit drug screen = $75.00

            -Two additional random drug screens at $25 without a positive result = $50

               -Three individual sessions for after program follow up phase at $30 each = $90

                                       Total *Estimated Price of the “typical” program  is  $1665.00

*This was an estimate price only. The estimate does not take into account the motivation of the person to complete the program successfully. Some people need to go longer than the average of thirty six weeks, increasing the overall cost. Discounted rates are available at any time in the program for any client.

**For those who are having trouble coming up with the whole amount for the initial assessment and intake we offer the option  of paying $65 at intake and the rest when you return to do the DVI and interview. We also have an option to pay as little as $10-$20 per group, if the participant is willing to volunteer from 1-3 hours a week at a local nonprofit of their choosing and meets indigent criteria.  All other service costs are fixed and not subject to the option for discounted or sliding fee.(on special arrangement other options may be available)

*** Prepayments are not refundable except in certain circumstances and never transferrable to other programs. If you decide to leave our program or you are required to leave, your money will be on record to be accessed any time you return. Some exceptions may be made for a client’s medical condition or other situations out of their control.

The following services are extra and usually not required for the average court mandated client.
Most services below are requested by DHS Caseworkers and probation and parole and are not standard required services offered in Teras DVIP unless the need arises.
  •  Collateral Report Summary $50. This includes the review of all collateral records;DHS records, other treatment program records, police reports, psychological evaluations and testing, along with an integral summary of the DVI results, personal clinical observation and client interview self reports. Average length of record summaries are one to two pages.This is a summary of collateral records only and is not a mental status exam and is not for diagnostic  purposes other than to determine a need for services or if the individual will benefit from a batterer program. 
  •  Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA) $150. For an accurate result this  assessment requires collateral information from police reports, a victim interview and case file information from DHS if applicable.
  •  MOSAIC Lethality Assessment $200.00 and requires collateral information from police reports, victim self reports and case file information from DHS if applicable.
  •  Mental Status Exam $275 performed by a qualified mental health professional.
  •  Drug Screens with Etg $25.00 and if requested an additional confirmation with GC/MS if original test is positive for $25.00
  •  Court or DHS Office Location Case Consultation for $100 per occurrence. 
  •  Phone Court Consultation under 15 minutes included in program fees. $50 for any amount longer than 15 minutes to an hour.
*Senate Bill 81 recently changed the minimum number of weeks of group requirements for batterer programs from a minimum of 48 consecutive weeks to an open ended program with a competency assessment required at 32- 36 weeks after engaging in services with up to a potential for 18 months of programming and probation if required. We assess participant progress with pre and post DVI tests, our own competency exams at each phase of the program, drug and alcohol free screening results, reports from probation, DHS Child welfare and each person’s level of participation in groups and adherence to the non-physical and emotional violence agreement pertaining to their survivor and current relationships.

For Alcohol and Drug Assessment/Treatment pricing see “Cost of DUII DIVERSION” page.