Anger Management is not an appropriate intervention when there is a history of abusive behaviors used in relationships where one person has a pattern of gaining power over another. Teras believes all acts of violence are the perpetrator's choice and sole responsibility. Some people  present with symptoms of "anger issues" or "outbursts" and other extreme states of irritability from depression, anxiety or other challenging conditions but are not prone to abusive power and control  in their relationships.

Others have had the behavior modeled to them during their developing years. These people usually respond better to a skill building, stress tolerance and response approach to their problem.Anger Management at Teras is not a therapy for trauma, anxiety or other mental condition but the skills learned can be a useful addition to anyone's tool box of for living a more satisfying life.
Our typical Anger Management program is 12-18 weekly sessions that utilizes a cognitive behavioral method for identifying anger triggers, cues and more productive and satisfying coping responses

PRICING FOR ANGER MANAGEMENT: Prices vary based on income. At this time we are only doing individual sessions for anger management at $50-$70 per session based on income. Intake appointments are $75 paid at the time of the appointment.   Call 503-719-5250 to set up an intake appointment. 

INSURANCE COVERAGE: Oregon Health Plan or other private  insurance plans may pay for some of the anger management costs if you are also enrolled in our Alcohol and Drug outpatient treatment program.

Any other services such as drug screens or alcohol and drug services are at the current rate HERE