Teras state approved substance use disorder,domestic violence intervention and anger management program.

Referring Clients and Loved Ones to Teras: CONTACT  Affordable,accessible,effective counseling by counselors who have real life experience and are dedicated to your success.

NoMore Campaign

Take the Alcohol Screening Test  if you are curious to know what level of risk your drinking is compared to the general population and known standards of risky drinking.

       Our Mission: Teras Intervention and Counseling is a grassroots nonprofit 
      agency whose primary aim is to provide the most accessible, affordable, quality treatment services to all. 

Throughout the program safety for adults and children who have been abused or at

 risk of being abused is our highest concern.

If you think your website history is being monitored and you don't feel safe Click here to leave the website immediately. Web content can never be completely erased from your computer. Use the library or other computers if you feel your safety is in jeopardy.

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